About High Wide & Heavy Outfitters

North Texas' premium whitetail hunting experience

Meet the outfitters

High Wide & Heavy Outfitters is an archery only whitetail hunting outfit located about an hour northeast of Dallas – Ft. Worth. Nestled near the small town of Whitewright, TX, we are a family owned and operated hunting destination who has been guiding hunts for over a decade. Our preserve offers trophy, management and meat hunts for hunters of all ages.

We understand the need for quality hunts, which is why we started our business over fifteen years ago. We live and breathe bowhunting and believe that it is much more than just a harvest, it’s a passion. There is something about breathing the same air and fooling a mature buck sometimes only 15 yards away. The right wind, the right situation, the right opportunity all plays a part into the right shot placement. Here at High Wide & Heavy, you won’t meet a more dedicated group of men who want you to have the best whitetail hunting experience possible. It’s our incredible team of outfitters that makes us who we are and the hunters we meet along the way that share the same passion.