Our Hunts

What we offer

Our hunts start at the end of September / beginning of October and go through the first part of February. Our whitetail preserve offers doe hunts, managed buck hunts and trophy hunts, as well as monster buck hunts for deer that score over 220″. We are an archery only outfit, so our hunts are adrenaline packed and our deer are not pressured.

Since our preserve works with MLD permits, we have our own deer tags, so to hunt with us all you need is your Texas hunting license, even if you’ve already tagged out elsewhere. If you are coming from out of state, Texas does require you to purchase a basic non-resident license, but the tags will still come from us.

Our property consists of various food plots mixed with wooded areas and some open fields. There are several water holes and ponds that deer frequent throughout the year, providing a diverse setting and a variety of opportunities for hunters.

Being in North Texas, our weather is typically warm through mid-October, followed by cool spells that can drop temperatures into the low 30s by early November. It does get chilly in the wintertime, but our quality blinds mixed with a few layers of clothes will keep you comfortable for longer sits.

Taxidermy, game processing and the shipping of antlers or capes is not included in your hunt, but we can recommend people who offer those services if desired.

Hunt packages:

  • Management hunt – 3 day hunt
  • Trophy buck hunt for any deer up to 160″ – 3 day hunt
  • Trophy buck hunt for any deer between 160″-180″ – 3 day hunt
  • Trophy buck hunt for any deer between 180″-200″ – 3 day hunt
  • Trophy buck hunt for any deer 200″-220″ – 3 day hunt
  • Monster hunter package where you select any deer you want from trail camera pics we provide, no matter the size, 220″+  – 3 day hunt
  • Additional days may be added

Your hunt includes:

  • Food and lodging
  • The skinning and caping of your trophy
  • Transportation on and around the property
  • Comfortable specialty archery hunting blinds
  • An experienced personal guide to ensure the best possible hunt
  • Tradition and adrenaline unite us as bowhunters. Everything is earned behind your bow which makes the experience even more memorable.

    - HWH Team -